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Human-Animal Trust as an Analog for Human-Robot Trust: A Review of Current Evidence

By Deborah R. Billings, Kristin E. Schaefer, Jessie Y. C. Chen, Vivien Kocsis, Maria Barrera, Michelle Ferrer, Peter A. Hancock, Jacquelyn Cook

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Trust is an essential element required for effective human-robot teaming. Yet, experimental research examining human-robot trust in team interactions is at its infancy stage. Conducting empirical studies using live robots can be extremely difficult in terms of money, time, equipment programmability, and system support. Information in the area of human-robot trust is limited, but parallels can be drawn with trust in other domains of human-entity interactions, such as human-animal trust. Here we investigate the current evidence related to factors impacting trust in human-animal partnerships. Several of the outlined factors overlap with previously identified factors associated with trust in robots, supporting the notion that human-animal trust may be an appropriate analog for human-robot trust. Implications for future research are enumerated and discussed.


Katie Carroll

Date March 2012
Pages 36
Publisher Army Research Laboratory
Location of Publication Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland
Language English
Institution U.S. Army
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