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At Paws to Reflect we are also able to combine our professional qualifications with the presence of a dog or cat in the therapy room. Animals do not judge, they just accept us for what we are, and many people find that simply having one nearby enables them to talk more easily. The presence of an animal helps us relax, and can actually reduce stress levels by stimulating 'feel good' chemicals in the brain.

Animal assisted therapy has become very popular in the United States over recent years, and is now becoming established over here. The benefit of visits by dogs, cats, and other small animals of good temperament to residents of care homes, hospitals and children's centres is well-known, and animals are now being used to assist in the therapeutic process in professional counselling. The Paws to Reflect therapy animals have all been temperament-tested and certified as suitable for this work by a veterinary surgeon.


Katie Carroll

Location Hampshire, United Kingdom
URL http://www.pawstoreflectcounselling.co.uk/
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