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Leisured dogs and dogs as leisure objects

By N. Carr

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This chapter discusses whether a dog can truly be leisured or whether it is actually only in the leisure environment at the behest of its owner (i.e. it is a leisure object). The leisured dog is defined as one who is in the leisure environment with its owner but within the context that it is recognized as a sentient being and not an object by its human companion. In contrast, dogs viewed as objects rather than as sentient beings become leisure objects when they are brought into the leisure environment by their owners. The chapter is grounded in the recognition that leisure is defined by the perception of freedom, which is relative as opposed to absolute. Within this context it is proposed that dogs, even as companions or pets of humans, can be leisured although whether they perceive it in the same way as humans is open to debate. Building on this, an integral part of the chapter is concerned with discussing what 'leisure' for a dog is and what are their leisure needs. Also discussed are the rights and welfare of dogs in leisure.

Pages 57-78
ISBN/ISSN 978-1-78064-318-2
Publisher Cabi
DOI 10.1079/9781780643182.0057
Language English
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