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Providing for the leisured dog and dog as leisure object

By N. Carr

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This chapter examines the ways in which the leisure experiences of dogs are provided for. It begins by discussing the physical and psychological benefits to humans and dogs of sharing time and lives, with a specific emphasis on leisure time. As part of this discussion, the problems that have been associated with dogs and their owners spending time apart are also highlighted. Based on this, the scale and diversity of leisure experiences available to dogs and their owners are highlighted. Recognizing that dogs may require (or owners may wish for) more than simply being allowed into the leisure environments with their owners, this chapter also examines changes in the quality of experiences offered by the leisure industry to dogs and their owners. Analysis of the extent and nature of access to leisure spaces for leisured dogs and dogs as leisure objects includes a discussion of why leisure experiences are and are not accessible to dogs and how owners overcome barriers to access leisure experiences with their dogs. Analysis of the access to leisure spaces available to dogs includes recognition that all dogs are not considered equal in the eyes of society.

Pages 79-106
ISBN/ISSN 978-1-78064-318-2
Publisher Cabi
DOI 10.1079/9781780643182.0079
Language English
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