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By N. Carr

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This chapter brings together some of the main ideas raised in the book and suggests a future for research on dogs in the leisure experience. It returns to the recognition that all dogs and their leisure experiences are culturally constructed and prone to change across space and time which reflect wider changes in social attitudes concerning animal rights and sentience. Reflecting on the history and current nature of dogs in the leisure experience, the chapter discusses likely future trends relating to dogs and the type of leisure they are exposed to and positioned in by humans and potential reasons for these trends. Building on earlier discussions relating to anthropomorphism elsewhere in this book, the chapter also considers how best to address the future potential areas of dog-related research. This includes a discussion of how to listen to the voice of the dog and how to convince a potentially skeptical audience that it is the voice of the dog, rather than a human-defined imaginary voice, that is being heard and reported.

Pages 136-145
ISBN/ISSN 978-1-78064-318-2
Publisher Cabi
DOI 10.1079/9781780643182.0136
Language English
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