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Tufts Institute for Human-Animal Interaction

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From seeing-eye dogs to therapeutic horseback riding to therapy dogs that help children struggling with reading, the healing power of animals enriches our lives in many ways. Human Animal Interaction (HAI) goes well beyond the strong emotional bonds that people have with our pets to include all aspects of these complex, complementary relationships. While there is a great deal of enthusiasm around HAI, such as the increasing popularity of animal-assisted therapy, the science of the field is still growing. Our mission is to promote the health, strengths, and well-being of humans and animals through transdisciplinary partnerships that foster innovative research, education, and service programs in human-animal interaction.


Katie Carroll

Location Grafton, MA
  • Undergraduate
  • Master's
URL http://hai.tufts.edu/
Language English
Program Name Human-Animal Interaction
Institution Tufts University
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