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Using livestock guardian dogs in Balkans

By O. Yilmaz, Y. E. Erturk, F. Coskun, M. Ertugrul

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Aim of this paper to review livestock guardian dogs in Balkan countries. Balkans consist of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, and Turkey. In Balkans there are quite successful livestock guardian dogs including Akbash Shepherd in (Turkey), Bucovina Shepherd (Romania), Bulgarian Shepherd (Bulgaria), Carpatin Shepherd (Romania), Greek Shepherd (Greece), Karabash (Kangal) Shepherd (Turkey), Karaman Shepherd (Turkey), Kars (Caucasian) Shepherd (Turkey), Karst Shepherd (Slovenia), Koyun Shepherd (Turkey), Macedonian Karaman Shepherd (Macedonia), Mioritic Sheep (Romania), Sharplaninac (Kosovo/Macedonia), Tornjak (Bosna-Herzegovinia). In Balkan countries are generally developing countries in which livestock production is still crucial in their economics. Moreover geography of Balkans are mainly mountainous and forest areas. In those areas there are some predators such as bear, fox, jackal, lynx, and wolf. Those conditions create that livestock guardian dogs are necessary for livestock production in Balkans.

Publication Title Agriculture and Forestry
Volume 61
Issue 1
Pages 161-173
ISBN/ISSN 0554-5579
Language English
Author Address Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science, Canakkale University, Canakkale,
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