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Raising welfare standards for endurance riding. (UFAW Animal Welfare Series)

By N. S. Loving

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This chapter covers the welfare issues associated with the use of horses in endurance riding. Endurance riding is described as well as the inherent risks of the sport. Regulations and standards that are followed in endurance riding are presented. Measures to avoid metabolic consequences in competition horses and the role of veterinarians in making decisions as to the competency and fitness of a horse for the sport are discussed. The risk factors related to endurance competition and common emergency conditions at endurance events are also presented. Other strategies to improve the welfare standards are outlined.

Date 2011
Publication Title Equine welfare
Pages 341-369
ISBN/ISSN 978-1-4051-8763-3
Publisher Wiley-Blackwell
Location of Publication Oxford
Language English
Author Address Loving Equine Clinic, Boulder, Colorado, USA.
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  4. Bones
  5. Emergency
  6. Fitness
  7. Horses
  8. Laws and regulations
  9. Metabolic disorders
  10. Metabolism
  11. Musculoskeletal diseases
  12. Pharmacology & Pharmacy
  13. Physical health and well-being
  14. Policy and Planning
  15. regulations
  16. riding animals
  17. risk factors
  18. Sport animals
  19. Sports
  20. standardization
  21. standards
  22. Stress
  23. training of animals
  24. United States of America
  25. Veterinarians
  26. veterinary products