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An example of application of research in ethology from the horse's temperament tests and record of learning and behavior (LAC)

By L. Lansade, C. Dubois, A. Gillot, A. Delfosse, M. le Bon, H. Roche, J. M. Yvon, S. Foisnel, S. Rizo, C. Menard, M. Baumgartner, M. Vidament

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The horse's behaviour strongly influences its suitability for riding activity. As professionals and amatory riders were interested by tests aimed at measuring the horse temperament, several scientific studies were conducted. From these studies, two sets of standardised tests were created: - the Temperamental Tests, scientifically elaborated and validated on 310 horses. It permits to measure 5 temperamental dimensions: fearfulness, gregariousness, sensory sensitivity, reactivity to humans and activity level. Free horses are tested in a transportable box. The data obtained during this test permit to elaborate a temperamental profile. Since its approval, almost 200 french and swiss stallions and 120 Merens horses (in order to start a study on heritability of temperament) were tested. - the Assessment of Training and Behaviour, elaborated on 100 horses, evaluates, with a simple and complete method, the behaviour (in the stable, under saddle and towards different novel situations) and the level of training. It permits to edit a report that is given to the horse owner. Eight teams from the "Haras nationaux" (French National Stud) were trained to this test.

Date 2010
Pages 177-185
ISBN/ISSN 2-915250-16-2
Publisher Les Haras Nationaux
Language French
Author Address INRA, UMR0085, PRC, INRA, CNRS, Universite de Tours, Les Haras nationaux, F-37380 Nouzilly, France.
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