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Effect of forage presentation on feed intake behaviour in stabled horses

By A. D. Ellis, M. Fell, K. Luck, L. Gill, H. Owen, H. Briars, C. Barfoot, P. Harris

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In some stabled horses, the lack of foraging opportunity leads to a reduction in chewing time with consequent negative impacts on the digestive system and potentially development of stereotypies. This study aimed to compare the effect of four types of haynets on feed intake behaviour in stabled horses. Feed intake behaviour (intake time, bite rate, chews/kilogram, chews/minute) was measured in 12 horses (age 134 yrs; BW 58562 kg) using four types of haynets (Eliminet 25 mm mesh, Furlong 30 mm, Haylage net 30 mm, Original 'Large' 75 mm) in a 4*4 Latin Square Design. Horses were provided with their daily forage intake via each haynet for a 10-day period and forage intake measurements were taken at the beginning, middle and end of each period to account for acclimatisation to the haynets. Data was analysed using ANOVA and is presented as meansstandard error. The 'Large' haynet recorded more chews per minute (661.1 versus 601.0 chews/min, p

Publication Title Applied Animal Behaviour Science
Volume 165
Pages 88-94
ISBN/ISSN 0168-1591
Language English
Author Address Unequi Ltd., Research Education Innovation, Southwell, Nottinghamshire NG25 0DS, UK.andrea.ellis@unequi.com
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