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Influences of various factors on cows' entrance order into the milking parlour

By A. Polikarpus, T. Kaart, H. Mootse, G. de Rosa, D. Arney

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This study investigates the stability of the milking order of cows entering into the milking parlour of a commercial dairy herd, and changes to this order consequent to a change in health status and a change in the membership of the group of cows being milked. In large herds it is difficult for stockmen to monitor all cows closely. If changes in the milking order are indicative of health or other problems, the monitoring of any changes in the order could alert stockmen to such problems. This could therefore be a tool to add to the parameters collected routinely in precision livestock farming (PLF). The milking process of 692 cows, in seven different feeding groups, over a period of six months, was monitored. The milking order was found to be stable within days, and across days, but was more variable within milking sessions. Cows with mastitis ( P

Publication Title Applied Animal Behaviour Science
Volume 166
Pages 20-24
ISBN/ISSN 0168-1591
Language English
Author Address Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, Estonian University of Life Sciences Kreutzwaldi 62, 51014 Tartu,
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