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(Your) Life's book

By Erasmo de Oliveira

Licensed under Public Domain

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(Your) Life’s book


Two pets in each home!

Two pets in each home!

ANIMALS ARE ANGELS and the fact is you came to this world with the RIGHT to have two of these angels at your home, so is the Nature’s law, so is the reality, the rest, is MATRIX, blablabla and political interest. And look that right is a thing which we evaluate only after lose it. The taste of a chocolate changes radically, after the Doctor says us we are diabetic and will never eat candies guiltless again, the way we ate until so.

When you welcome an animal at your home, know that this simple scene, was wrote yet since the early of the times, because it involves LIVES and this is the most precious good you can have. The sincere friendship of a dog or a cat, specially those picked up from the streets, is one of the only things you will bring with you, when it or you will give your last breath. Because this, Noah filled up an ark with ANIMALS, not gold bars, waiting for the end.

If the angel reserved by life for you comes to you hungry, sick and completely dirty, not only for this it leaves to be YOUR angel. If it comes a puppy, a kitten or an aged, if it will be by your side for fifteen years or die in your arms fifteen minutes after know you, yet so, it will be the most precious good you have been received and precious things are not to be wasted. It is a son, conceived out of your body, but, yet so, a dear son, only yours.

The right place of all the domesticated animals, are somebody’s arms, each family only will be complete and each home only will be a true sweet home, when has at least a pet. Each religious dogma, each philosophy, which ignore the cosmic bridge which represents each barking or meowing, will be failed and will be only one more paliative in this dying world. Evolve yourself right now sufficiently to deserve a paw friend and it will come to you!


plinioPlinius, the philosopher cat, says:

The biggest “bad word” is the hypocrisy. If Mankind would respect Nature, the entire Holy Bible could have only one sheet.

Let’s make 2015 the year of accomplish Genesis 2:15!

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