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Maktub (was wrote)

By Erasmo de Oliveira

Licensed under Public Domain

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Maktub (was wrote)

What are the criteria to you choose your paw friend? May you really choose it or it comes to this world with the destiny of a history of life in partnership with you?

We do not talk about religious praying, to be a source of Journalistic information. The idea is to spread the emotions of having pets at home, with no drama or dogmas. God is a full-time presence, but the base is Quantum Physics.

So, we want you understand we are in an energy-drove Universe. Solar System, for instance, is based over an immense ball of fire and the Mankind need to recognize does not know everything, or, worse than, the things we do not know yet, is infinitely bigger than what we think we know.

Stray lives walks down every block around the world. At your street, certainly, there is a cat or dog walking and waiting for the hour when its way will cross your way, you will open the door and receive a walking partner, your friend yet, but you do not knew.

Do not ask why, simply look at their eyes and, if your heart feels that recognize an old friend, just hug it and accomplish your mission of life, beside of it. We are not televangelists, sure, but think about it:

The number of stray-animals is exactly
the same of human babies aborted!

If there is not a precise statistic about both cases, let’s curve our heads facing God and let’s promote the pacific coexistence between different species of Mother-Ship Earth crew!

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