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Pets or Meat

By Mary Anne Case

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The central question I am interested in exploring in this essay is whether and when commingling commodification with affection can be more problematic than naked commodification. The notion that it is problematic to allow commodification to leach into certain realms thought of as properly the domain of affection, the notion that such realms simply should not be commodified, is a familiar one, central to policy debates on matters such as the legalization of prostitution, premarital agreements, and organ
donation. My concern here is with the possibility and danger of leaching in the opposite direction, with what happens when affection is commingled with a transaction whose commodification is taken as a given. I do not propose to resolve this concern here, but only to raise it and to begin an exploration of it.


Katie Carroll

Date 2005
Publication Title Chicago-Kent Law Review
Volume 80
Issue 3
Pages 1129-1150
Publisher IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
Language English
Additional Language English
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