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Sustainable Healthcare for Our Pets- It's Not in the Bag: Dr. Liza Schneider at TEDxTauranga

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In our modern pet society, our pets each processed pet foods, and the same drugs that humans use for many of the same diseases and illnesses. But animals are really suffering and many are becoming resistant to the drugs and remedies.  Liza went back to her roots and thought about ways to help these urban animals live better lives.
As she shared many testimonies about different animals, like Cranky the Cat, her stories were about helping the animals get back to natural diets, fresh air and moderate exercise.  When she went back to basics, using what nature has provided for us to help the animals, they would get better.  Her message: If you mess with nature, it may come back to bite you.
Dr. Liza Schneider’s dream was to always be a vet. Coming from South Africa and growing up with the wonderful wild array of animals of her native country, she was in awe of the strength and ability for animals in this country to survive, and sustain optimal health in the arid, dry and harsh landscape.  This fascination would become the basis for her work later in life when she moved to New Zealand, and set up a holistic vet practice.


Katie Carroll

Date 2014
Size/Length 13:50
Language English
Notes Part of TEDx, an independently organized TED event.
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