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Confluence- The Turbulent Relationship of Man and Shark: Monty Halls at TEDxVilnius

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Monty has seen the seas change during the course of his life, watching reefs that teemed with sharks and dazzled the senses with multicolored coral become lifeless and barren in the space of two decades. Sharks are a particular passion, and the talk speaks volumes about the wolf of the sea, a magnificent animal so perfectly designed to maintain the balance of the oceans that it’s present industrial scale eradication will have untold impacts for future generations.
Monty Halls is a writer, explorer, television presenter and public speaker. A former Royal Marines officer who worked for Nelson Mandela on the peace process in South Africa. After leaving the services in 1996 he pursues a career in leading expeditions. Having achieved a First Class Honors degree in marine biology, over the next decade he circumnavigated the globe four times on various projects, leading multinational teams in some of the most demanding environments on earth.
His television career began when he won Channel Four’s Superhuman competition in 2004. Since then he has presented series and documentaries for the BBC, Channel Five, The Discovery Channel, The National Geographic Channel and the History Channel.


Katie Carroll

Date 2015
Size/Length 17:41
Language English
Notes Part of TEDx, an independently organized TED event.
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