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Dogfighters on the Run: The HSUS Spurs Police Crackdown

By The Humane Society Of The United States

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How can anyone derive satisfaction from watching two dogs tear each other apart? How can anyone sit for hours, not only watching but cheering every wound, every broken leg or mangled eye?
We can only guess the answers to such questions. What we do know is that every weekend, hundreds of men, women, and children attend dogfights, enjoying the blood and excitement of dogs matched to the death and even wagering on the outcome. Virtually anyplace--a vacant garage, warehouse, apartment building basement, or city park--can house a dog pit. A picturesque farmhouse or barn may hold hundreds of spectators brought out in cold or heat or dead of night for a marathon of blood, gore, and misery.


Katie Carroll

Date June 1986
Publisher Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy
URL http://animalstudiesrepository.org/cu_reps/12/
Language English
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