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A Review of Common Diseases in Captive Reptiles

By Michael Lindeen, John Haupert

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Reptiles, as both pets and as laboratory animals, are becoming more popular. The small "dime store" turtle or red eared turtle has been popular for a long time, but making their way into homes are such reptiles as boa constrictors, garter snakes, black snakes, box turtles, caiman, alligators, iguanas, etc. With this increasing popularity it is important for the veterinarian to have some knowledge on the more common medical problems of captive reptiles.


Katie Carroll

Date 1973
Publication Title Iowa State University Veterinarian
Volume 35
Issue 3
Publisher Iowa State University
URL http://lib.dr.iastate.edu/iowastate_veterinarian/vol35/iss3/12/
Language English
Additional Language English
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