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Aquarium Fish Medicine

By Candace J. Carter, Mary Ann Nieves

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The keeping of ornamental fish may be the most popular animal-oriented hobby in the United States. One household in every three owns and cares for some type of pet fish. In 1985, approximately $200 million was spent on aquarium fish retail sales. An additional $289 million was spent on aquarium supplies and another $93 million in fish food. 1 Although some varieties may be purchases at low prices, people rarely own one fish and the aggregate value of 'fish in the home aquarium can become quite large. The loss of individual fish may not be expensive, but numerous losses of inexpensive fish can be costly. The growing number of fish hobbyists have few "experts" to turn to when aquarium problems arise. Many fish hobbyists have other pets in their households requiring veterinary care, therefore they will frequently ask for veterinary advice for their 'fish health problems.


Katie Carroll

Date 1993
Publication Title Iowa State University Veterinarian
Volume 55
Issue 1
Publisher Iowa State University
Language English
Additional Language English
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