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Urinary posture and motor laterality in dogs ( Canis lupus familiaris) at two shelters

By W. Gough, B. McGuire

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Motor laterality is the preference shown for using one limb or lateral half of the body over the other. In domestic dogs, most laterality studies have examined forelimb preferences during staged tasks. We focused instead on hindlimb preferences during urination when males use the raised-leg posture and females the squat-raise. We observed individual dogs during walks at two shelters (Tompkins County SPCA and Cortland Community SPCA) and recorded posture used for each urination and hindlimb raised, if any. First, we examined whether raising a hindlimb during urination varied with sex, age class, or reproductive status (females, anestrous intact or spayed; males, intact or neutered). Second, for dogs that raised a hindlimb during urination, we determined whether a population bias existed. Finally, for dogs with at least 10 urinations in which a hindlimb was raised, we examined whether a significant hindlimb preference existed. For some analyses, we had sufficient dogs at only one shelter. We found that males were more likely than females to raise a hindlimb during urination ( P

Publication Title Applied Animal Behaviour Science
Volume 168
Pages 61-70
ISBN/ISSN 0168-1591
DOI 10.1016/j.applanim.2015.04.006
Language English
Author Address Department of Animal Science, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853,
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