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Animal Health MATTERS [17.02]

By Russ Daly, Jane Hennings

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ADRDL Welcomes Pathologist Pillatzki [Page] 1- More New Hires to Start Soon at VBS Department, p 1

Director's Message: Addressing Critical Needs of the ADRDL—A White Paper, p 2

Reporting Requirements for Swine Enteric Coronaviruses: What They Mean for Swine Producers and their Veterinarians, p 3

Histopathology and the Histology Laboratory at SDSU’s ADRDL, p 4

Pre-Veterinary Students Honored by SDVMA and SDSU Through Stethoscope Ceremony, p 5

New OPP and CAE Tests to be Offered “One Health” Workshop Group Meeting, New Hires, ADRDL Bacteriologist Serves as President, ADRDL Case Reports at the 2014 SDVMA Meeting, 2014-2015 SDSU Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Department Scholarship Award Winners, p 6

SDSU Pre-Veterinary Students Accepted to Veterinary Schools for Fall 2014, Continuing Education Events, p 7


Katie Carroll

Date 2014
Publication Title Animal Health MATTERS Newsletter
Publisher Veterinary Science Department, South Dakota State University
Language English
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