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Peace with non human animals: Marco Verdone at TEDxLakeComo

By Marco Verdone

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A veterinarian, in charge of taking care of the animals belonging to the penitentiary in the island of Gorgona, gradually becomes conscious of their suffering and destiny and endeavors to restore peace between humans and non-human animals in the island and, then, anywhere.

Marco Verdone is a veterinarian that, 25 years ago, was taking care of the animals living on the island-prison of Gorgona, Italy. The similarities between the human prisoners and animal prisoners led him to reflect on the relationship of reciprocity between the two worlds and the need for a profound change in the ways in which people "use" other living beings. Since those intense and rich years, Marco has written three books in which he suggests a new pact between humans and animals.
Verdone works as a volunteer doctor at the shelter Farm Peace Ippoasi (PI) and participates in the activities of the Distretto di Economia Solidale Altro Tirreno of Pisa.


Katie Carroll

Date 2015
Size/Length 18:05
Language English
Notes Part of TEDx, an independently organized TED event.
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