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Corporate Responsibility, Ethics, and Animal Welfare

By Elizabeth A. Gray

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Do organizations that keep wild animals in captivity owe them moral consideration? This thesis provides a historical overview of the moral consideration provided to animals and analyzes present-day philosophical writing. The representative contemporary ethical frameworks include utilitarianism, relational theory, animal rights theory, and coherence theory. Studied are issues of anthropocentrism, sentience, and equal consideration. Discussed are the ethical defensibility of zoos, aquariums, circuses, and canned hunts under the contemporary ethical frameworks, and in relation to these issues.


Katie Carroll

Date 2014
Pages 1-66
Publisher St. Catherine University
Department Organizational Leadership
Degree Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership
Language English
University St. Catherine University
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  1. Animal care
  2. Animal rights
  3. Animal roles
  4. Animals in culture
  5. Animal welfare
  6. Captivity
  7. Ethics
  8. morality
  9. responsibilities
  10. Zoo and captive wild animals