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By Alessandra Bacci

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"A cat is a cat, and that's all" (English popular saying). Literature, poetry always open eyes where, usually, we would look not, for example the world of the other animals, sometimes close together “as if ...”;  but we know - at least - that what we’ll see, or find, in the words of the most inspired –writer or poet - the most sincerely in communion with one or more of the other animals, will be the point of view of the woman or the man, though she or he of whom they talk about,  was the other animal who shared a part of life with them, and affections and familiar spaces too. Or maybe not! While I‘m writing, I see through my kitchen’s window, a pigeon - in the rain – who stands under the eaves, curled up on one of the wooden shutters of my neighbor’s window. When I talk I'm, always and only, talking about me, a human, that is my point of view, maybe a little patronizing even, and when I talk to her - Gildagigi she cat - it's me who’s talking about her. Me, the human, the talking Alessandra! There is a place beyond the language where, She and I, me and another animal (not all the animals but she/he who’s living out there), we can meet?

  Keywords: animal, concatenation, body, school

Date 2015
Language Italiano
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