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An exploration of an Equine-Facilitated Learning intervention with young offenders

By A. Hemingway, R. Meek, C. E. Hill

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This research reports a qualitative study to explore the behavioral responses and reflections from Young Offenders undertaking an Equine-Facilitated Learning (EFL) Intervention in prison in the United Kingdom. Learning was facilitated by an instructor, and the participants were taught introductory natural horsemanship skills. Establishments holding young adult prisoners are typically characterized by increased disruption to the regime, and by greater incidents of violence, bullying, and conflict than in other types of prison. A resulting challenge for those working with young prisoners is the need to respond to increased levels of social isolation, and difficulties in managing impulsivity, problem solving, temper, and conduct. It is hoped that this research will provide some initial evidence to contribute to ideas around the nature of learning practical, positive skills and knowledge through inter-species interactions.

Publication Title Society & Animals
Volume 23
Issue 6
Pages 544-568
ISBN/ISSN 1063-1119
Publisher Brill
DOI 10.1163/15685306-12341382
Language English
Author Address Bournemouth University, Dorset,
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