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Operation Delta Dog

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Working with experienced trainers and positive-reinforcement methods, we rescue homeless dogs from Massachusetts shelters and breed-rescue groups and train them to work as service dogs with local veterans who are suffering with TBI and PTSD.
Assistance animals are a practical and successful way to reduce stress, treat depression, and manage the panic attacks associated with TBI and PTSD. Trained dogs, however, are in short supply. Very few service-dog organizations focus solely on veterans, and even fewer utilize rescued dogs in their programs.
Operation Delta Dog wants to improve those odds. Our trainers find the very best canine candidates, pluck them from shelters, and train them for a new life filled with purpose and affection. Local veterans can participate in training without leaving their jobs or families and find relief from the debilitating symptoms of TBI, PTSD, and other challenges.


Katie Carroll

Location Chelmsford, Massachusetts
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