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School Interventions with Animals

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In recent years we have witnessed the growing importance of assistance and the involvement of animal therapeutic treatment processes in different populations. School interventions with animals is a leading country in this field, and has international recognition. The emphasis at the school is the therapeutic dimension. The school is working with the School of Veterinary Medicine of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
School-centered care program works with animals, alongside a variety of programs such as therapy dog ​​care professionals and education as well as a program aimed at ultra-Orthodox sector, training of counselors treatment for children and youth with animals, and advanced continuing education training.
School faculty members are expert professionals and executives disciplines: psychology, psychotherapy, social worker, psychiatric, medical, veterinary, and senior caregivers with animals.
Magid Institute is the first in the country received the prestigious recognition of the International Union for the ISAAT.



Katie Carroll

Location Jerusalem, Israel
Department Interventions with animals
  • Continuing Education (other)
Language English
Program Name School Interventions with Animals
Institution The Magid Institute for Continuing Education
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