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A few words about dogotherapy (interchangeably called Kynotherapy or canisterapią). 
Pet Therapy or interventions Involving Dogs is a method of supporting the process of rehabilitation, therapy and development involving trained or selected dogs. Classes can be either recreational , educational or therapeutic . Perro - Non-public facility for Continuing Education provides training in vocational training for dogoterapeutów. We are a member of the International Society for Anthrozoology ( Isaza ) and the International Society for Animal-Assisted Therapy (ISAAT) . Anthrozoology a science that studies human interaction with other animals. We conduct training in vocational training dogoterapeutów ( section courses dogotherapy and  training tests ), as well as in antrozoologii, health, welfare and behavior of animals within the project Academy of Education . More about us -> Pet therapy (Interventions Involving dogs) also include zającia for kindergartens, schools, therapy and rehabilitation. we recommend that classes dogotherapy participated kids who are interested in such meetings and have a non-aggressive attitude to dogs. Bearing in mind that dogs are living creatures that deserve respect and proper treatment, the classes should never be to the detriment of the dog. They should for that take into account the nature, abilities and capabilities of the dog. We recognize the following definitions according to IAHAIO White Paper 2014 : Dog therapy or intervention Involving Animals (Dogs) - Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) is a goal-oriented, organized intervention, during which deliberately and deliberately turns animals into action in the area of health, education, human services (eg, social work) in order to achieve therapeutic purposes humans. A prerequisite is to have knowledge on both humans and animals. Animal Assisted Interventions include measures teams human + animal in organized services for people such as Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT Therapy Involving Animals) Animal Assisted Education (AAE, Education Involving Animals) or, under certain conditions, Animal Assisted Activity ( AAA, Activities Involving Animals) 


Katie Carroll

Location Warszawa, Poland
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