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CENTAUR: Center for Animal Human Relationships

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CENTAUR is an academic center conducting instructional, research, and outreach programs designed to foster a greater understanding of the mutual benefits associated with human-animal interaction.

The center promotes the education of veterinary and human health care professionals and the general public on the importance of human-animal relationships. Education programs include:
Advanced residency training and approved curriculum courses
Kids' Tech University
Governors School
Service projects and seminars

The center conducts partnered, scholarly research in the field of Human Companion Animal Interaction, leading to publications, conferences and public presentations. As a veterinary based center, there will be an emphasis on promoting animal health, but areas of research may include the study of:
The animal-human interface and the benefits people and animals derive from one another
Working dog performance
Therapy animal welfare
Equine assisted activities

The center provides outreach and service projects for community, including:
Certification of dogs and cats for Animal Assisted Activities (AAA)
AAA in a variety of settings
Law Enforcement handler training and first aid classes
Support services for bereaved clients facing pet loss/euthanasia


Katie Carroll

Location Blacksburg, Virginia
Department VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine
URL https://centaur.vetmed.vt.edu/
Language English
Program Name CENTAUR
Institution Virginia Tech
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