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Cats abandonment versus adoptionAbandono de gatos versus adocao

By A. G. Pinheiro, N. D. Alves, D. Andrade Neto, J. L. A. de Lima, A. M. B. Rodrigues, F. B. Silva

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This study was conducted to determine the pattern and factors affecting of cat abandonment and adoption in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil [date not given]. It was shown that most of the respondents' cats were abandoned prior to being adopted. Other cats were obtained as gifts, purchased or adopted from previous owners. Cats were commonly adopted at 2 months of age, after which adoption level decreased with increasing age. Male cats were more frequently abandoned compared to females.

Publication Title Ciencia Veterinaria nos Tropicos
Volume 18
Issue 2
Pages 125-128
ISBN/ISSN 1415-6326
Language Portuguese
Author Address Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-Arido, Mossoro, Brazil.nilza@ufersa.edu.br domingos.netto@hotmail.com jhessica.luara@ufersa.edu.br
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