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Dreamcatcher Nature Assisted Therapy Ltd.

By Eileen Bona

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We are committed to helping people find healing, balance, joy, hope and confidence through the immediate feedback that animals and nature provide. We are here to guide, teach, counsel and inspire.

Dreamcatcher is a psychological practice which is located in Ardrossan, Alberta (just 30 minutes East of Edmonton) on a 40-acre beautifully treed and trailed ranch. Dreamcatcher believes in a holistic approach to healing and offers a wide variety of traditional and unique therapies to help children, youth and adults find healing, balance, joy and personal growth.

To date, we have successfully helped people with brain injury; emotional issues; behavioral concerns; mental health diagnoses; youth at risk; addictions; past trauma issues; dual and multiple diagnoses; developmental delays; physical impairments; family-oriented concerns; past sexual abuse and much more.
Our programs are completely individualized to fit the needs of those involved and therapeutic interventions are chosen based on the individuals’ needs and goals. Therapy interventions may include, talk therapy, play therapy, art therapy, animal assisted therapy, nature assisted therapy, equine facilitated counseling or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). We offer individual, family and group counselling, assessments, therapeutic intervention and specialized programming such as camps, retreats and our mobile animal program. Our programs, which run year round, are designed and implemented by registered psychologists, clinical social workers, provisional psychologists and behavior management specialists who consistently involve the person in need's family members, school personnel and community agencies in all aspects of programming and treatment planning if and when requested and/or necessary. Involving the person's support system better ensures the success of his/her therapeutic experience.
One of the unique methods of therapy of which Dreamcatcher is noted for is Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). Sometimes the animals are horses or equines and this is referred to as Equine Facilitated Counselling (EFC). These types of therapies incorporate specially screened and trained animals into therapeutic sessions to assist individuals in reaching their therapeutic goals. Dreamcatcher is a haven to many species of animals, many of whom were once homeless and hurting. The animals are our co-counsellors and have an uncanny ability to provide exactly what each person needs when they need it. Our AAT and EFC sessions facilitate healing for both human and animal in a powerful way. It is this aspect of our therapeutic program that sets us aside from any traditional model of helping.
Dreamcatcher has been especially effective in helping those who have extremely difficult or negative behavior as well as persons with special needs and multiple diagnoses whom traditional therapy has not been effective for. It strives to provide services to aggressive and violent youth in an attempt to break the cycle of abuse by involving them with animals at a young age. It has also been a refuge for people who have had past negative therapy experiences and who vow to never try to get help again. Dreamcatcher's completely natural setting; enduring animals and highly skilled therapists provide excellent motivation for people to safely engage in a rewarding and therapeutically effective experience. Dreamcatcher provides hope for those who are convinced that there is no hope.
In addition to providing counseling, therapy and psychological service to the community, Dreamcatcher also strives to create the foundation for certification in Animal Assisted Therapy nationwide. This includes the development of AAT courses, university diplomas, workshops, seminars, certification for professionals and certification for therapy animals. Dreamcatcher is one of the leading organizations in Animal Assisted Therapy in Canada.

* For more information, please call our office at 780-809-1047.

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Location Ardrossan, Alberta
Label Animal and Nature Assisted Therapy
Author Address 53044 RR 213 Ardrossan, Alberta T8G 2C4
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