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An opportunity preempted: Kim Socha's atheism versus religious animal liberationists

By C. Williams

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This article provides a review and critique of Animal Liberation and Atheism: Dismantling the Procrustean Bed by English professor, activist, and avowed political atheist Kim Socha. Socha engages in a twofold argument as she makes the case for animal liberation as a natural imperative of atheism. On the one hand, she denounces religious arguments for animal liberation as dead ends that rely on intellectual gymnastics and present what is actually secular thinking in religious guise. On the other hand, she identifies contamination of atheist's thinking by religious perspectives, primarily hierarchy, as the root of the failure of atheists to embrace animal liberation. Methodological difficulties are identified and critical questions raised in response to both the premises and conclusions of the work.

Publication Title Journal of Animal Ethics
Volume 6
Issue 1
Pages 89-94
ISBN/ISSN 2156-5414
DOI 10.5406/janimalethics.6.1.0089
Language English
Author Address American Baptist Home Mission Societies, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA.
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