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Post-communist canine: a feminist approach to women and dogs in canine performance sports in Poland

By J. Wlodarczyk

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The article attempts to present the complexity of relationships between women, capitalism, democracy, and competitive dog training in post-communist Poland. The article documents the correlation between increased involvement of women in competitive canine sports in Poland after 1989, changes in the methods of dog training, and the transformation in politics from totalitarianism to democracy. The correlation suggests that in the early years of democracy in Poland women were more open to shaping their bonds with companion animals and to taking into account the ethical dimension of these relationships. Secondly, the article attempts to argue that the primary motivation for women who participate in dog sports is the desire to create a relationship in which the non-human other shares their desires, primarily the desire for interaction.

Publication Title Society & Animals
Volume 24
Issue 2
Pages 129-152
ISBN/ISSN 1063-1119
DOI 10.1163/15685306-12341398
Language English
Author Address Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw, Warsaw,
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