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The cry of a "New Born" | Susan Lingle | TEDxUniversityofWinnipeg

By Susan Lingle

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Mammals know a young creature in need when they hear it. Humans often respond to cries of infants from different species. 

What about other animals? Are the cries of different species similar enough for parents from one species to respond to the cries of another?

Susan Lingle’s research focuses on the evolution of prey defenses as it affects their biology, psychology and ecology. A focal point in her research is animal cooperation witnessed predominantly in defense against a predatory threat. Most of Susan Lingle’s work has been conducted on the prairie grasslands of western Canada.

Lingle uses an understanding of prey behaviour, seasonal vulnerability and unintentional provisioning of predators through human activities to identify the reasons that prey on the prairie are at particular risk. 


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2015
Size/Length 16:37.
Language English
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