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Toileting troubles part 1: factors influencing house soiling in cats and dogs

By C. Tomlinson

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The discovery of faeces and urine in the home is a common annoyance for owners of cats and dogs and is often perceived, incorrectly, as an inevitable part of pet ownership. Lack of early intervention can lead to long-term house soiling; this can be exasperating and put strain on the human-animal bond, as well as requiring the investment of time and money in cleaning, repairing and sometimes even replacing soiled possessions. In extreme cases, house soiling can lead to a breakdown in the relationship to such a degree that the owner may relinquish their pet or have the animal euthanased. An understanding of the factors influencing house soiling issues, and the concomitant design of management programmes for individual cases, is pivotal for owners to maintain a good relationship with their animal. This article identifies the main types of house soiling issues and examines the factors influencing these; part 2 will provide ways of managing house soiling issues.

Publication Title Companion Animal
Volume 21
Issue 6
Pages 351-357
ISBN/ISSN 2053-0899
DOI 10.12968/coan.2016.21.6.351
Language English
Author Address Companion Animal Behaviour Consultancy, Friendship House, Lydeard St. Lawrence, TA4 3QY, UK.
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