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Depression in Animals: Gernot Wieland at TEDxGhent

By Gernot Wieland

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“Depression in Animals” deals with the construction of human identity determined by the exclusion of the other – namely the animal. Accompanied by projections, this talk examines the relationship between humans and animals and its history of control and power. Gernot Wieland tries to grip his audience with a mixture of irony and disillusionment, generating stories which balance between truth and fiction, tragicomical incidents and a sense of uncanny.
Gernot Wieland is an Austrian artist who lives and works in Berlin. His work is a constant research on psychological conditions in society and human beings.


Katie Carroll

Date 2016
Size/Length 12:34
Language English
Notes Part of TEDx, an independently organized TED event.
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  1. Animal roles
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