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Florida Service Dogs

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Florida Service Dogs, Inc. was founded in February 1999.  We are a small IRS 501c3 approved Florida non-profit corporation.
We rely solely on our qualified volunteers and your donations. We do not receive federal, state or grant dollars. Our professionally trained service animals are free to qualified persons of any age with severe impairments who complete our program requirements.
We have several options available for obtaining one of our professionally trained service animals:
Attend our public classes locally at Bethesda Park 10790 key haven blvd Jacksonville, Fl.
Enter our foster training program (local teams)
Individual home sessions (case by case)
Regardless of which services above you receive, every team will be required to undergo the same training, learn the same materials and go through the same evaluations prior to obtaining formal certification.
Persons unable to attend locally are assisted on a case by case basis when funding and time permits us to do so.  
We work with owners dogs on rare case by case situations.
We allow persons with disabilities who already have a "finished" service dog and those wanting to use their animal as a therapy (to use in hospitals or other facilities to bring joy to others) animal to attend our classes, regardless of what program they may be affiliated with already or wanting to join.
We work with persons/dogs for nearly all disabilities except blindness. Those who have some vision or are vision impaired with other types of disabilities are addressed on a case by case basis. Although we are trained and qualified to teach dogs for hearing, mobility, seizure and psychiatric assistance, we are not qualified to train for guide work nor blind persons with service dogs.
We also provide the following education and advocacy services:
informal and formal power point presentations for businesses, agencies, schools, kids camps etc and landlord/tenants and their staff regarding the appropriate federal and state laws that apply to their operation regarding the use of service animals.
live demonstrations to groups, schools, library programs, businesses and any others who request a demonstration.
If your school/group/classroom is looking to set up a training session (this can be one time or ongoing) we will be happy to work to set this up for your group situational needs.
There are no charges for these services.
In addtion, we volunteered during the Charlie, Francis and  Katrina hurricanes and provided K9 disaster animal and human relief work.


Katie Carroll

Location Jacksonville, Florida
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