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Of feral cats and pet cats

By Bruce A. Vojak

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Early last summer an article in our local newspaper caught my eye. Some well-deserved visibility was given to my friend, Dick Warner (Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences), for the findings arising from his study of ferali and pet cats. Dick and his colleagues attached radio transmitters to the cats to track their activity levels and roaming patterns in great detail. Of particular interest to me was that they observed a marked difference in the activity level and roaming range between these two categories of cats, with the ferals being highly active nearly five times more often than the pets and one feral covering an area several hundred times that of the average pet. 


Katie Carroll

Date September 2012
Series Title On the Epistemology of Innovation: How Breakthrough Innovators Connect the Dots
Volume 10
Pages 2
Language English
Institution Illinois State University
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