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A review of the impacts and benefits of human-animal relationships

By Mariah Howell

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Animals, both domestic and non-domestic, have played a crucial role in our social history for thousands of years. They appear in myths and literature dating from the prehistoric times to the present, and are vital to human culture, economy, and psychology. A review of the existing literature has found that domestic animals and humans can confer many mutual physiological benefits to one another through stress reduction. Non-domestic animals in both zoos and in the wild present similar benefits to humans. Interaction with wild animals also increases interest in education and conservation, which are now key elements to the survival of many endangered species.


Katie Carroll

Date 2015
Publisher Ball State University
Department Biology
Degree Undergraduate Honors
Language English
University Ball State University
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  1. Animal roles
  2. Animals in culture
  3. Conservation
  4. Education
  5. Endangered species
  6. Health benefits
  7. Human-animal interactions
  8. human-wildlife interactions
  9. social benefits
  10. Wild animals
  11. Zoo and captive wild animals