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Horse breeds and their uses

By Hanin G. Alghamdi

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Horses are important animals to human beings. For a long time, horses have been companions for humans. They have been a symbol of power, affluence, authority, and might. It has been reported that humans began the process of domesticating horses around the year 4000 BCE. Since then, humans have used horses for different purposes among them being: agricultural work, food, transport, herding, war, pleasure, and sports activities. However, some of these uses have been lost over time. Technology has advanced, but horses have remained around for thousands of years. There are numerous breeds of horses, which have evolved over time into the formidable creatures that we see today. Given the role played by horses in modern society, there is the need to appreciate different aspects regarding horses such as their history, anatomy, diseases, social behavior, and feeding among others. This paper will review horses and discuss various factors pertaining to horses such their significance in history, their lifespan, their anatomy and the relationship between horses and humans, diseases and feeding.


Katie Carroll

Date 2015
Pages 26
Publisher Ball State University
Department Biology
Degree Master of Arts
Language English
University Ball State University
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