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Teaching rabbit care, empathy, and responsibility

By Meryl B. Dickman

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Acclimating and housetraining a new rabbit should be approached in an organized and efficient manner. Due to the lack of instructional guides for rabbit housetraining currently available, new rabbit owners do not have adequate housetraining resources. Lack of proper housetraining instruction, leads to un-socialized rabbits, who do not receive the essential veterinary care they need for survival, and frustrated owners who are not experiencing the immense joy of rabbits as companion pets. Examples of human-animal interactions, and care ethics, with relevance to companion animal housetraining are included in a review of literature, supporting the design and development of this guide. Bringing Bunny Home: A Guide for Housetraining Your Newly Adopted Rabbit; is an instructional guide, addressing the different phases of housetraining. Basic instructional content within specific chapters is presented to the reader, accompanied by author anecdotes, examples of best practice, chapter quizzes, and summaries. The goal of Bringing Bunny Home is to inform and instruct new rabbit owners about how to understand, relate, and physically care for their new rabbit.


Katie Carroll

Date 2014
Pages 63
Publisher California State University Northridge
Department Education
Degree Master of Arts
Language English
University California State University Northridge
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