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The history and training of the therapy dog for school personnel

By Carmen Wille, Sue Montgomery

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Since the time dogs were first domesticated, they have played an important role in providing companionship and comfort. It was a natural extension of this human animal bond to use dogs to provide this same comfort to others as what is now know as dog-assisted therapy. This project reviews the literature to examine the benefits and concerns involved with using a therapy dog. The goal of the project is to educate school personnel about the two major dog therapy organizations in the United States and assist them in training the required elements in order to certify their canine as a therapy dog. The project is set up with four sessions, and each session is two hours long. Only one session will be presented a week.


Katie Carroll

Date 2011
Pages 169
Publisher California State University Sacramento
Department School Psychology
Degree Specialist in Education
Language English
University California State University Sacramento
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