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Odessa Dolphin Therapy

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Odessa Entertaining and Health Complex “Nemo” provides a dolphin-assisted therapy for your child all year round.

Dolphin-assisted therapy is recognized all around the world as non-specific method to boost protection strength of the body in different age, no matter do people suffer from different kind of disabilities or do they are practically healthy.

Dolphin-assisted therapy is also a method of medical-psychological rehabilitation and children correction with different development disabilities.

Dolphin-assisted therapy is a special organized program for patients in optimal conditions with assistance of dolphins, dolphin-assisted therapist and psychologist. The best place to conduct dolphin-assisted therapy – is a special equipped dolphinarium.

With the help of dolphin-assisted therapy there is a possibility to:

To conduct correction of psychological development of people who suffer from various diseases of the nervous system;
To develop cognitive function of people with psycho neurological disorders;
To develop speech of children;
To remove chronic pain;
To reduce neurotic and vegetative-vascular reactions;
To reduce psychosomatic disorders;
To reduce involuntary movements, tics and spasms;
To conduct rehabilitation for people who have experienced violence or other stressful situations;
To prepare psycho emotional trainings for specialists who work at high stressful situations;
To organize both leisure and relaxation for healthy people: children and adults.


Katie Carroll

Location Norway
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