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Animais de estimacao em contexto de desastres: desafios de (des)protecao

By L. S. Antonio, N. F. L. da S. Valencio

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Immeasurable social-environmental damage and losses occur in catastrophic disasters related to hydro meteorological events. Some of them have prominence to the authorities who work in the emergency context and others do not. In Brazil, in general, animals seriously affected in these disasters remain socially invisible. With that in mind, this study - which includes literature review, documentary and field research - begins with preliminary considerations on the construction of the rationality of speciesism and the emergence of a political concern for animal protection in the international context of disaster. Then it focuses on the Brazilian socio-political dimension which, with rare exceptions, grounds the maintenance of practices of abandonment of animals in adverse circumstances. Finally, through the case of the city of Teresopolis/RJ, it highlights the role of civil society organizations, in the protection of pets affected in the disaster occurred in 2011, as well as the tensions with local authorities. It concludes highlighting the contradictions between the advances announced by civil defense authorities of the state of Rio de Janeiro on pets protection, in this context of disaster, and the effective practices of Teresopolis' municipal authorities.

Translated Title Pets in the context of disaster: challenges of (de)protection
Publication Title Desenvolvimento e Meio Ambiente
Volume 38
Pages 741-767
ISBN/ISSN 1518-952X
Author Address Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.stassun.layla@gmail.com
Additional Language English
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