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How does the Tourism Industry of Sri Lanka Encourage the Elephant Commercialization?

By Indrachapa Gunasekara

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Tourism is an industry where everything could be converted into a profit. There are numerous concepts and attractions which introduced ultimately, to meet various types of travel expectations. People travel for many intentions and stick to their interested areas. Culture, nature, humans, urbanization or westernization may be key areas of travel interests.  There could be identified much attention to cultural tourism in Sri Lankan Tourism Industry. Elephant is a very attractive and unique creature in Sri Lankan culture and society. It has gained importance in cultural perspectives and also in natural perspectives. At present, elephants have become a functional attraction is Sri Lankan Tourism. This has encouraged the commercialization of these living beings similar to other tourism goods or services. Moreover, elephant based attractions and services industry has developed inside the country in an unethical manner. This became a questionable area in animal rights and cultural ethics.  The means of elephant commercialization, ethical concerns in community towards this commercialization, the areas should be corrected to be ethically accepted, suggestions for sustainable use of elephants in tourism are the segments covered by this qualitative research attempt.


Katie Carroll

Date 2016
Pages 180
Publisher University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
Conference Title International Conference on Asian Elephants in Culture & Nature
Language English
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