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The relationship between man and pet

By Jean-Luc Vuillemenot

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Part of the human movement since the dawn of time, the presence of the pet has undergone a recent evolution in its form and expression. From the utilitarian relationship and the exchange of services, the dog and the cat have entered fully into our society, especially in the West. In parallel with this shift in status, the effects of the animal presence in terms of quality of life began to be observed. The approach of this problematic necessitates the definition of a methodology and the opening of a transdisciplinary field.
Associated with mans of times, the presence of companion animals has evolved both in its form and in its expression. Chosen at first for their dogs and cats are now fully integrated into our society, especially in the western world. As their status changed, pets became increasingly associated with improvements in man's quality of life. A methodology with interdisciplinary exchanges will have to be defined to address this issue.


Katie Carroll

Date 2004
Publication Title Bulletin of the French Veterinary Academy
Volume 157
Issue 4
Publisher Veterinary Academy of France, Paris
DOI 10.4267 / 2042/47738
URL Http://
Language English
Additional Language English
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