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The objectification of animals

By Felix Mariano Vallejos

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Motivated by the obvious naturalization of the mistreatment of nonhuman species, it manifests in everyday areas such as food, clothing, sport and entertainment, the present work aims to address the relationship between man and animals, starting with the following question: Why do we objectify animals? The question posits an analytical path in the direction of the process of hominization through which man identified himself as distinct from the rest of the species. In this sense, the first part of the work takes the Aristotelian conception of man, defined as a political animal and that supplement of politics linked to language, as the primordial difference that gives a hierarchy in relation to the rest of the living.


Katie Carroll

Date 2011
Pages 74
ISBN/ISSN 978-950-29-1297-4
Publisher University of Buenos Aires
Language Spanish
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  1. Animal consciousness
  2. Animal roles
  3. Animals in culture
  4. Animal use
  5. Animal welfare
  6. Hierarchy
  7. Human-animal relationships
  8. Human-animal studies
  9. objectification