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Bites dog people: general characteristics

By Marat T. Makenov, Olga A. Mihaylova

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The analysis of appeals for medical help concerned with dog bites made by dwellers of the Omsk City in 2006-2010 has been performed, using the materials of the "Omsk Regional Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology". In total, 11 849 cases of human biting by dogs were registered in this period of time. The mean number of cases is 2901,3 bites per year that is equal to 256,9 cases per 100 000 individuals. In opinion of the dogs' victims, 99% of bites were made by owned dogs, in 66% humans were bitten by animals familiar to them. The percentage of bites by stray dogs is only 0,36%. Seasonal relationship has been found: the maximum amount of appeals for medical help is registered in summer months (May-August). The minimum amount is observed in the winter period, from November to February. Children suffer from dog bites more frequently than adults. The percentages of bites in the head and neck regions are relatively high (19-44%). Adults are most often bitten in arms or legs (87% of all registered bites). Females are rarely bitten than males (217,6 and 304,0 bites per 100,000 individuals, respectively).
The article provides the analysis of complaints inhabitants of Omsk medical help with injuries from dog bites in the period 2006-2010. on the basis of materials provided by FBUZ "Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Omsk region." Total for the period in Omsk registered 11,849 people bitten by dogs. The average number was 2901.3 bite per year, which corresponds to 256.9 cases per 100 000 people. According to the victims, 99% of the dog owners' bite was applied, and in 66% of cases, the Sting causes known to the respondent, animal bites stray dogs was 0.36%. There was a substantial seasonal dependence: the maximum number of calls for medical aid injuries from dog bites in the summer months - May to August inclusive, the minimum - in winter, from November to February. Children suffer from dog bites more often than adults, with a relatively high percentage of bites in the head and neck - 19-44%. Adults often bitten by the arms or legs - 87% of all bites. Women bite less frequently than men - 217.6 and 304.0 bites per 100 000, respectively.


Katie Carroll

Date 2013
Publication Title Journal of Siberian Federal University. Biology
Volume 6
Issue 1
Pages 12
Publisher Siberian Federal University
Language Russian
Additional Language English
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