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Why we should not keep dolphins in aquariums: Taison Chang at TEDxXiguan

By Taison Chang

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Most people see the first dolphin in their lives at aquariums. Taison did too, and the love he felt towards this particular animal drove him into a position at Hong Kong Ocean Park many years later. Instead of feeling happy to be able to see and work with his favourite animals every day, he realised dolphins at aquariums are not healthy nor happy as the aquariums tell the public. In his talk, he tells us more of what he learnt, and how we can change.

Now Taison leads the Hong Kong Society of Dolphin Conservation, and he is determined to end the cruelty.

Chang works for the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society and fights hard for the survival of the dolphins with the local research team. His team’s aim is to help the population of Chinese white dolphins and finless porpoises to thrive within Hong Kong water.

Besides working for wild animals, the team also aims to deal with captivity issue. As a person who has seen both captive and wild dolphins during his work, Taison has the sense about the difference between animals in both environments. Recent years, he actively works with local and international activist group and involved in protests and public awareness event in Hong Kong, as well as Mainland China.


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Date 2017
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