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Animal-assisted intervention as health promotion for elderly persons with dementia

By Christine Olsen

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Dementia is an increasing health concern for old people, their families, and their social and health care providers. A range of health care services is needed for persons with dementia, ranging from home-based services, respite care (e.g. attending a day-care centre), to residential care at a nursing home. An important goal in dementia care is to provide for and ensure a good quality of life. There is a great need for health promoting activities among persons with dementia, and animal-assisted interventions have become a widespread non-pharmacological alternative. Animal-assisted interventions have been found to have a positive influence on social behaviour, a beneficial effect on agitation and other behavioural disturbances, and indication of significant improvement in depression. However, the literature show mixed results, and the authors of reviews have called for further research. The first and main aim of the research for this thesis was therefore to investigate animal-assisted activity as a health promoting activity for homedwelling persons with dementia attending day-care centres and persons with dementia admitted to nursing home.


Katie Carroll

Date 2016
Publisher Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Department Department of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning
Degree PhD
Language English
University Norwegian University of Life Sciences
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